What do we have to offer?

Delta 3 was set up because it was realised that companies, organisations and government bodies often need independent advice when shaping their communications. After all, in many cases they do not themselves have the skills to draw up a communication plan and to choose and supervise the right partners for its implementation. With a background of 25 years in communication and a constant awareness of customers’ needs, we have built up a clear picture that enables us to offer you constructive help.

Many necessary forms of communication are overlooked among the services currently available on the market: internal communication, websites, presentations, events and incentives, to name but a few. They are too often entrusted to staff whose knowledge of their communication element is distinctly limited, and who would be better off concentrating on their actual jobs.

In addition, many companies, organisations and government bodies only need a communication manager for short periods, such as when a campaign or event is imminent. A permanent member of staff is far too expensive.

With our references and experience, success is guaranteed.

What Delta 3 can do for your organisation:

  • analysing your present communication operations and resources
  • drawing up and implementing a communication plan
  • selecting, briefing and supervising external partners
  • drawing up estimates and budgets
  • organising events and incentives together with external partners
  • briefing, following-up and supervising advertising campaigns